My Milan
by Cara

Italian singer-songwriter Cara invites us into her world as we explore her favourite Milan neighbourhood, the canal-side district of Navigli.
“I find the music scene here very stimulating thanks to its diversity. Milan is good for me and my music.” Home to Cara’s favourite record shop, Navigli is a neighbourhood like no other, adored for its authentic charm. Navigli’s unique spirit is born from an interplay between the ancient architecture that tells the story of the city’s past and the cutting-edge design scene that fills the streets with life and soul.
Cara, real name Anna Cacopardo, studied singing and piano at the Folcioni Musical Institute in Crema before releasing her music to the world. Having earned her place in the semifinals of the Tour Music Fest in Mogol, she studied at the NAM Academy of Music in Milan before releasing her first single “Mi Serve” in 2019.
Instantly recognisable by her platinum blonde bob, Car a has garnered a dedicated following across Instagram and is an integral part of the Milano music scene. “I want to live here a lot longer because it has so much to offer me, and most importantly, there’s so much more to discover.”

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