Back to Basics: Trussardi’s Women's Tops and T-shirts joins pass-partout clothing together with the capsule collection, inspired by emoticons, which has also influenced the T-shirt line with some of the most popular contemporary symbols, reinterpreted by Trussardi in its own inimitable way.

Going perfectly with skinny fit denim, high-waist banana or wide-leg trousers, Trussardi Tops and T-Shirts fit every style – casual, glam rock, metropolitan or elegant.


The Women's Tops and T-shirts from Trussardi Jeans are designed to steal the spotlight with their simplicity, elegance and distinctive character. The garments are also set apart by their interesting combination of brand appeal—based around the iconic logo—and unusual detailing.

The use of appliqué designs, sequins and studs mean that Trussardi Jeans Tops and T-shirts surpass every style boundary – they are perfect as easywear, paired with high-waisted denim or versatile chinos, becoming a key element of diverse outfits depending on your personal taste