Trussardi also draws inspiration from the esoteric universe for the collection of T-shirts and Polos. The world of tarot cards, with its historical and millennial figures, becomes a reference, with the emblem of the winged greyhound and the letter ‘T’ mounted on a crown becoming iconic elements. The pre-collection uses ironic subjects: emoticons and lightning appear on T-shirts and Polos, either with embroidery or flocculation technique, based on stretch cotton.


For an iconic yet relaxed look, the FW17 Collection of Men's T-shirts and Polo shirts from Trussardi Jeans reinterprets casual styling in the brand's most iconic shades. The different fabrics are masterfully combined, from more classic choices to purely modern materials. Printed, patterned, logo branded and rubber-coated options dominate the collection, while flocking gives velvet a new lease of life, for a more dynamic effect.