The SS18 Men’s Collection is inspired by flight and travel.

The most classic of fabrics come alongside more innovative and on-trend technical materials.

Parachute-esque crisp nylon became the central fabric of Trussardi's Men’s Jackets.

The SS18 Pre-Collection explored the more casual, sportier side of the collection, presenting loose-fit outerwear with classic lines, freshened up by the choice of colours and fabrics.


Trussardi Jeans Men’s Outerwear has been inspired by an adventure across the Australian continent that starts with the colours of dawn, moving through deep blue and blending to powdery azure.

The wild spirit is conveyed through leather jackets, which draw on the freeride feel of travel thanks to extravagant appliqué details.

Freedom becomes a form of dynamism and modernity, bright colours mix with prints that immediately bring the beach life of surfers to mind, creating a bold look that never goes out of style.

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