Food in The City

Rich in colour with Autumn’s produce, the local food market near Milan’s Porta Venezia district is the type of place Marta Matilde Favilli—known as Martilde—likes to spend her early mornings. She selects fresh, seasonal ingredients for tramezzini—a Venetian sandwich loaded with delicious creamy fillings she serves in her eatery, L’altro Tramezzino. Wearing Trussardi’s Fall Winter collection, Martilde chats with the house about her favourite food market finds and how to make the perfect tramezzino.
Where do you usually go to the market in Milan?
The market I prefer in Milano is Mercato Rionale, close to Porta Venezia

Do you have a market routine?
I usually arrive there with a paper list of what to buy (yes, paper and not phone draft, I’m a bit old school) but then I let myself be inspired by what the banquets offer. I always end up buying something that I hadn’t thought about before.

What are your favourite Autumn ingredients?
Oh I love pumpkins! I love the taste, the shape, the colour and the recipes you can make with them. As for the fruit, I really like to drink a homemade pressed juice made of pomegranate. It’s also very healthy!

Where do you find inspiration for your tramezzini recipes?
What I do every end of the month is: - search on the internet “seasonable ingredients of the (next) month” - contact some farmers to see which of them they can provide me or going to the market to see what I can find. - brainstorm with my colleague Alessia to invent some new recipes - do some tests of mixing the ingredients - invent the names of the tramezzini of the next month I also find inspiration during my travels. In fact, we always mix recipes from every part of Italy traditions and even abroad.

Which tramezzini recipes are you serving at L’altro Tramezzino?
The “must trys” of the current month are: “ottobrino” pumpkin, crunchy bacon, taleggio cheese, mayo “tartufino” pumpkin, truffle, mushrooms, taleggio cheese, mayo “guacamole” shrimps, avocado tartare, lime, sesame seed, cream cheese “posillipo” sautée zucchini, mint, smoked bufala, vegan mayo
Can you teach us how to make a tramezzino?
To give the tramezzino that particular shape, you start from 1 squared slice of bread without crusts, and you add the creamy ingredient with a piping bag, you do a sort of mountain with all the ingredients, you cover it with another slice of bread, you shape it with your hands and then you cut it diagonally and here is your triangled tramezzino!

What is your favourite thing about the markets?
I like a lot that is open air, that products are super fresh and colourful, that buying them you support local small businesses and that you can directly talk to them and ask for recommendations.

What is the most beautiful market you have seen?
The craziest oneI saw was in Thailand but I actually didn’t buy anything! In Naples and Catania I also saw some very interesting and noisy, it was fun! :)