To make Italian style contemporary and create lifestyle products” : that is the Trussardi Group’s mission.

For over a hundred years, the brand known for its symbolic greyhound icon has represented constantly evolving Italian style. Its strong roots in craftsmanship and leatherworking are constantly updated to produce lifestyle products and accessories.

This has led to the creation of unique clothes and accessories – the expression of contemporary luxury – inspired by the dynamic metropolitan setting around them and by focusing on upcoming trends and modern-day lifestyle

Welcome to Milan, welcome to Trussardi, welcome to our Family.




The city of Milan is a true reflection of the brand's values: steeped in tradition but always ready to embrace modernity. The style and elegance of the urban context inspire and influence Trussardi's look. The sense of belonging to the region has therefore become a distinctive and valuable part of the brand’s identity.

Contemporary Elegance

Trussardi is an Italian brand operating in the contemporary luxury goods sector. Continuous innovation has always been the cornerstone of the company. It is the leading Italian lifestyle brand, which branched out from leatherworking and expanded into fashion, design, art and food.


Trussardi’s roots lie in leatherworking, which remains ingrained in the spirit of the brand. Contemporary designs are brought to life using the best techniques to produce clothes and accessories that have always set the brand apart.


Trussardi’s story is built on dynamism, exploration and the ability to overcome barriers to bring the blueprint of contemporary Italian style to the global market. Over the years, the Group has expanded its range and enhanced it with several licensing deals that include glasses, fragrances and watches. This diversification has allowed the brand to fully express its signature aesthetic, its heritage and its capacity for innovation.