The Café and Restaurant are an expression of the Trussardi Lifestyle concept.

When Milanese tradition meets merriment and experimentation, the result is the unique, subtle and captivating setting that is the flagship Trussardi alla Scala store in Piazza della Scala, a symbol of the Trussardi lifestyle and eclectic spirit.

The boutique covers an area of 250 square metres on a single level, showcasing Trussardi's accessories and men's and women's clothing in a harmonious display.

The flagship store in Milan was designed to welcome guests to the Trussardi fashion house and introduce its concept of Italian lifestyle in a contemporary, international context enriched by the presence of the Trussardi Café and Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant.



Trussardi Café

A metropolitan setting and contemporary style grace the interior of Trussardi Café, the iconic space that shares over 400 square metres with the flagship store in Piazza della Scala.

The majestic marble counter, meticulous interior and the stylish terrace reveal the innovative charm of a venue boasting the perfect balance of fashion, food and design. The passion for excellence, premium quality gourmet options and innovative eco-design architecture make Trussardi Café a unique, authentic and delightful sanctuary.

From 2018 onwards, this successful format will be rolled out across the world.


Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant

In the heart of Milan, Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant welcomes foodies in a comfortable and casually elegant setting with vintage lighting featuring warm tones.

It is cosy yet embellished with fine details such as antique Trussardi furniture and works of art. A carefully thought out blend of tradition and elegance, innovation and authentic Italian style. But Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant is much more than that: it also represents care and attention, a constant quest for quality and excellence, harmonious combinations of ingredients, state-of-the-art products, careful staging, prestigious brands and Italian taste, merging traditional features and exciting experimentation.

A real, creative, palpable experience in the heart of Milan, which aims to constantly evolve to keep up with metropolitan trends and pace of life.

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