Dogs of Milan

Since 1975, the Italian Greyhound has been the symbol of Trussardi. Sleek-looking, iconic and authentically Italian, Trussardi’s recognizable motif is joined by some playful dogs in a series of videos and images dedicated to the city’s most charming hounds, captured in a few of their favourite places.

Odino Trussardi the two year-old Italian Greyhound is happiest frolicking in one of Milan’s many parks. Most likely to be wearing a coat. Odino wears the Grace bag, imagined in soft mint green and finished with our signature greyhound motif.

There’s nothing Zucker, a rescue, likes more than enjoying a fresh bouquet. Thankfully, he’s got good taste, courtesy of his owner Irene Cuzzaniti and their shop La Fioreria Cuccagna. Zucker is pictured with our narrow-brimmed fedora, imagined in warm burgundy and finished with leather strap and plated-metal motif.

You’ll find Serafina, the nine month old Bull Mastif, with her owner Juan Blanco in his restaurant, La Tienda de Juan. For a dog that loves ham, life doesn’t get better than this. Serafina wears the chain-choker necklace, embellished with mini-charms inspired by the Trussardi heritage.
Tigre & Connie

An inseparable duo, rescue dogs Tigre and Connie are the perfect canvases for the work of their owner, illustrator Cristina Amodeo. Tigre and Connie are pictured wearing our wool-blend pashminas, adorned with the iconic Trussardi motif and imagined in soft pink and muted grey.

Five-month-old Tessa, a French Bulldog, can be spotted riding through Milan on a bicycle with her owner, before stopping to enjoy a game of tennis. Tessa is pictured with the Trussardi oversized sunglasses, defined by a bold white frame and brown gradient lenses, which lend a vintage mood.

Four-year-old Retriever Raoul is what you might call ‘health conscious’. You’ll find him enjoying a morning swim before indulging in his favourite snack, edamame beans. Raoul wears the oversized sunglasses in classic black. A gloss finish and gold embellished motifs evoke sophisticated, old-school glamour.
Carlo Maria

Eight-month-old Pomeranian, Carlo Maria is all about the finer things in life; boat rides on the Venetian canals, bike rides at sundown and salted caramel gelato. Carlo Maria is pictured with our grey-blue pashmina; an abstract take on camo print, inspired by the patterns on the pavements of Milan after rainfall.

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