When you’re flying around the world, you need durable and spacious luggage.

That is why Trussardi Men’s Trolleys have been made with practicality in mind.

The result is reliable models with utterly unique style.

The wheels and handles will allow you to comfortably wheel the luggage in the FW18 Pre-Collection through any airport in the world, the faithful companion of men who are rushing to their next destination or indulging in more relaxed trips.


Trussardi Jeans Men’s Trolleys are the perfect luggage choice when embarking on a trip.

For FW18 the models have been made with everything you could need to set off safely with every convenience.

Reliable and light thanks to the materials used, they hold and protect our personal items on the plane, in the car and on boats.

This is one piece of luggage could never be mistaken for someone else's.

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