Dreambox Bag with Aurora Ramazzotti

The name chosen by our online community, to convey the feel of the new Trussardi Jeans IT Bag, is the Dreambox Bag, the accessory for young digital natives: dynamic and cosmopolitan with an eye for style.

It is perfect day and night thanks to its compact and versatile shape, interchangeable handle and its colour palette that ranges between bright shades of yellow, red and pink, to fine gold and silver, and even classic black, white and grey.

Medium Dreambox shoulder bag
€ 129,00

Medium Dreambox clutch bag
€ 129,00

Large Dreambox shoulder bag
€ 149,00

Large two tone Dreambox Bag
€ 149,00

Small two tone Dreambox Bag
€ 99,00

Aurora steps into the shoes of the supergirl next door in a Milan that is colourful and ironic with a pop aesthetic. And it is the very DreamBox Bag that gives her the ability to change into Super-A, giving her special powers.


002 SUPER-vision




And you, which of these superpowers would you like to have, at least for one day?