My Milan
by Agustina Bottoni

Designer and consultant Agustina Bottoni invites us inside her studio and shows us around her favourite neighbourhood in Milan, 5 VIE.
“This area is like a hidden little gem in the centre of the city" says Agustina Bottoni on 5 VIE, a special district in Milan, known for its eclectic mix of galleries and studios, antique shops and ateliers.
Buenos Aires-born designer Agustina moved to Milan to study a Master’s in Product Design at the esteemed Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in 2015 and has since become an integral figure in the European design community. “When I came here, I didn’t speak the language and had a lot to learn, both professionally and personally. Living here, I value having access to a rich cultural history and meeting diverse people from around the world."
Agustina imagines objects as ‘companions in our lives’, which perhaps explains her drive to create work that encourages emotional perception. “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed being surrounded by so many talented people here. In 2016, I co-founded The Ladies’ Room collective with three colleagues, our own little creative community that harnesses our different perspectives and styles."

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