Trussardi opens its historical archive to some of the most interesting Italian creative talents.

The first step of this project sees Giulia and Camilla Venturini as the stars.
These creative sisters, models, art directors and designers, will interpret a part of the Trussardi archive along with pieces and accessories from the FW19/20 collection through the shots of the photographer Hanna Moon and the video making company No Text, prominent figures in the young contemporary international panorama.
Archive+Now: the bridge between the label's past and future.

Leather, denim and accessories – an inherent part of the Trussardi DNA - feature in this first showing of Archive+Now. The location for this photo and video shoot at the family's private villa and historic 17th century residence, Villa Trussardi in Bergamo, saw this creative community interpret and breathe new life into the precious Trussardi archive, building a bridge between the label's past and future.
Archive+Now is continuing throughout April and June with new collaborations.

Archive+Now is a vastly inspirational project continuing throughout April and June with new creative collaborations and many other events narrating the new direction of the brand, looking back on what it has always done fundamentally; placing different perspectives and points of view at the heart of its own story, whilst remaining firmly rooted in Milan and in the vivacity of this city.
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