Panda Wears Trussardi

The first “Luxury Panda”

Trussardi and Fiat are presenting the new Panda Trussardi, a collaboration between two brands that have made history in their respective sectors, bringing the best of Italianness in the world and the first cobranding that brings together Fiat Panda and a fashion brand.

Ava Max. Star of the Campaign

An innovative marketing campaign and a commercial that features Ava Max’s face and voice will accompany the launch of Panda Trussardi. The integrated communication campaign is signed by Independent Ideas with the creative direction of Erick Loi.

Panda Trussardi is the star of the video clip from Ava Max’s new single “Torn”, which was shot in Milan and was directed by Joseph Kahn. In the commercial, which is a cut from the video clip, the pop star wears headto-toe Trussardi and has a greyhound on a leash as she walks towards the new Panda Trussardi. She slips off her stiletto featuring the unmistakable T on the heel, breaks the car window, cuts the seatbelt and ties it tightly around her waist on a leather trench, symbol of the brand’s heritage.

Panda Trussardi

The urban-chic elegance of Trussardi merges with Panda’s functionality which, available on a cross axle with several engine types, is making its début with matte paintwork in a coffee hue with contrasting black details. Inside, the fine cabin is distinguished by new materials and original nuances with stylish details that enhance the aesthetic of the steering wheel, the upholstery and the original seatbelts with Trussardi logo.

Cocktail Party "Panda Wears Trussardi"