Comfortable, practical and trendy. The Trussardi Women's Backpacks in the Pre-Collection FW17 are a daywear classic from the young and fun collections, always made with particular attention to detail typical of the Trussardi brand.

Added extras include the quality of the raw materials, the zipped bottom and the tic tuc lock embellished with the historic Trussardi logo.


The women's backpacks featured in the Trussardi Jeans Autumn/Winter collection are the perfect combination of practicality and style. Youthful and fun, they are made of velvet and decorated with vibrant tassels.

The Vail model, made from faux Saffiano leather, is embellished with a handbag-style clasp.

The iconic Ischia model has been reinterpreted as a mini backpacks, embellished with charms for a contemporary look, while the historic logo represents the elegance that has always defined the Trussardi brand.