Billing Information and Tax

You may choose to insert a Billing Address that differs from your Shipping Address on the second page of the Shopping Bag.

Uncheck from the box "The billing details are the same as the shipping details" to insert Name, Surname and Billing Address.

Your order will be subject to import tax under the following conditions:

  • the total amount of the orders you receive from outside Russian Federation is over 1000 Euros per month;
  • your package exceeds 31 Kg.
Import taxes will amount to approximately 30% of your order total (shipping costs excluded).

For further information on taxes and duties, please visit the official site of the Commission of the Customs Union.

Click here to calculate the current conversion rate.

Payment Charges

For orders paid by Credit Card or Debit Card, you will be charged on the date the package is dispatched. You will only pay for the products that have been shipped.

The payment will show on your account statement under YOOX Group, as our store is powered by this Company.

All prices are indicated in Euros and your Card will likewise be charged in Euros. We also provide an approximate conversion into US Dollars as further reference. There may be fluctuations in the total amount, due to the conversion from Euros into your local currency. This will be reflected in your Account statement.

We remind you to verify duties and local taxes which you may be required to pay upon delivery.